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Choice Removals specialises in End of Tenancy Cleans.Take the stress out of moving in/out of your property and let us handle it with our dedicated team of professional cleaners.

  • Removing Cobwebs and general dusting​
  • Doors, frames and wall spot cleaning​
  • Radiators cleaned front and bottom​
  • Light switches and plug sockets​
  • Light fittings/lampshades cleaned​
  • Carpets vacuumed and edged​
  • Windows, sills, frames and tracks/poles​
  • Window blinds cleaned​
  • Skirting boards dusted​
  • Stairs, skirts and bannister cleaned​
  • Tidy room appearance​
  • Dust and polish furniture​
  • Clean inside wardrobes and drawers​
  • Clean behind/underneath furniture
  • Limescale removal on taps, shined​
  • Limescale removal from glass shower screens​
  • Soap scum/limescale removal from splash back tiles​
  • Shower trays, tiles and plug inlets​
  • Shower head limescale removal​
  • Bathroom furniture cleaned/Polished​
  • Cobwebs and wall spots removed​
  • Bathtubs scrubbed clean and disinfected​
  • Windows, frames, sills and tracks cleaned​
  • Blinds fully cleaned and dusted​
  • Skirting boards dusted and wiped down​
  • Mirrors cleaned and shined​
  • Basins and vanity units cleaned​
  • Waterline underneath basin removed​
  • Toilets cleaned, scaled, cleaned behind and shined​
  • Floors washed and disinfected​
  • Light switches and Plug sockets cleaned​
  • Light fittings and Lampshades cleaned​
  • Rubbish removed from bins/units​
  • Boiler room and airing cupboard​
  • Mantle pieces and fire surround​
  • Underneath stair cupboards​
  • Utility rooms, shelves and appliances​
  • Waterlines beneath basins and toilets
  • Sink limescale removed, cleaned and shined​
  • Tap limescale removed and polished​
  • Tile splash back wiped clean
  • ​Windows, sills, frames and Tracks/poles​
  • Skirting boards dusted and wiped down​
  • Kitchen appliances cleaned (microwave/toaster)​
  • Refrigerator cleaned/bleached inside and out​
  • Freezer cleaned/bleached inside and Out​
  • Washing machine tray and rim​
  • Dishwasher soap trays, edges and drains​
  • Oven cleaned inside and out​
  • Oven racks and oven trays cleaned​
  • Extractor degreased and shined, inside and out​
  • Worktops cleaned and disinfected​
  • Kitchen cupboards/drawers cleaned​
  • Tables, chairs and furniture cleaned​
  • Floors vacuumed, mopped and disinfected​
  • Rubbish removed from bins/units​
  • Cobwebbing and Dusting​
  • Light switches and plug sockets cleaned
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