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Reassembly & packing

Furniture dismantling and assembly is always included with our removals but you can order this service on its own, for example for your new IKEA set of PAX wardrobes. Your removal team come equipped with tools including electric screwdrivers to make the service a speedy one. When moving large pieces we dismantle furniture only if it is too large to be taken through the door frame. Typically beds and wardrobes are dismantle and their pieces padded before we load the onto the van. All smaller furniture are moved as they are.

We can offer a professional and reliable packing service

Whether you are moving in the UK or moving abroad, we can offer a professional and reliable packing service. Our removers are trained to a high level in packing most standard goods. They are also capable of packing unusual, bulky, fragile and valuable items.

our specialist packing services will be carried out by our staff who are specifically trained to work and use the best materials – particularly to protect fragile items or those of great sentimental or financial value.

We can also be engaged to dismantle your furniture or display arrangements; co-ordinate, collect and transport a variety of items, as part of a larger project; or check-in items as part of a project management assignment for onward shipping.

Our range of high quality materials can include: reinforced cardboard boxes; bubble wrap; cushioning; brackets, braces; blankets; ties; wooden boxes and tailored crates – made to order to best serve the object and purpose of its movement. The combination of materials will be selected as the best option to best protect your items- such as crystal glass; sculptures; antiques; paintings and any other unique or exclusive possessions.

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